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Our Sales Process

Eastford Fire and Rescue partners with only the finest manufactures of emergency vehicles and related accessory equipment.  We believe that the only way we can maintain our good reputation for excellent service is to sell products that require very little service to begin with.


EF&R offers custom-built Type I, Type II and Type III modular ambulances, Critical Care and high risk Neo-natal Transport Units, Rescue Trucks, and other specialized emergency vehicles such as Haz-Mat, Incident Command, First Responder, and Paramedic Intercept units. We often have preowned or demo vehicles available for sale.


EF&R will work with your committee to design and specify each aspect of your emergency vehicle.  Working carefully with each manufacturer on your behalf, we provide CAD drawings and detailed quotations during the entire design and eventual build process.

Upon completion an EF&R representative carefully inspects your vehicle before it leaves the manufacturers facility.  At our facility, our team provides the finishing touches - equipment mounting, radio installation and your specified and unique graphics.  Prior to delivery, each unit is serviced and detailed inside and out to showroom condition.  The vehicle is then delivered to your facility for acceptance and training.

Type I & Type III Modular Ambulances
Type II Modular
Speciality Vehicles
Preowned and Demo  Vehicles
AEV Safety Videos
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